The management party branch of the School of Economics and Management carried out the report of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and shared the learning experience and the revolutionary red movie viewing activity

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 In order to strengthen patriotism education, guide Party members in the branch to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, continue the spiritual blood of the Communists, deeply bury the seeds of love for the Party and patriotism, inspire morale with the Party's struggle history and great achievements, and shoulder the responsibility and mission of the times. On the morning of November 11, the Management Party Branch of the School of Economics and Management organized the Party members of the branch to carry out the learning experience of the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the red movie watching activity with the theme of learning from the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and always following the CPC. The party members of the management party branch attended this activity, which was hosted by Zhang Jieyao of the party branch.

At the exchange meeting, the new and old members of the management party branch introduced themselves in turn, briefly sharing their work experience and experience in the theme party day activities. Through the interaction and communication between the new and old party members, the party members of the branch have enhanced their understanding of each other, improved their party spirit cultivation, and formed a benign state of the branch that the old lead the new and the fire will be handed down forever.

Cheng Limin and Li Miaomiao shared their learning experience from the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The two teachers agreed that, as practitioners of front-line education in colleges and universities, they deeply felt that their mission lay in their shoulders. As the saying goes, national development depends on talents, talent training depends on education, and education development depends on teachers, they should always keep in mind educating people for the Party and the country in their education work, and devote themselves to contributing to the education of the Chinese nation.

Although the mountains and rivers are safe, we should strengthen ourselves. After watching the film, all Party members were shocked by the wonderful film plot, and moved by the indestructible revolutionary belief of the older generation of Party members and the revolutionary spirit of going through fire and water for the fate of the country. The film watching exchange activity inspired the profound national confidence and patriotism of the teaching staff of the Party branch. Everyone said that the happy life in the new era was hard won. We born in the peaceful era should not forget the hardships of the past. In future work, we should establish our own position, not forget our original intention, remember our mission, firmly believe in following the Party, work together for a new journey, inherit the martyrs' will with practical actions, and carry forward the spirit of patriotism, Adhere to the nature of Party members, strengthen the responsibility, contribute to the growth of students, cultivate qualified socialist builders, and build the cohesive force for the high-quality development of the School of Economics and Management!

Zhou Yi, Secretary of the General Party Branch, summarized the experience sharing of the 20th National Congress Report and the Red Movie Viewing Activity. He put forward two suggestions: first, strengthen communication through multiple groups of activities. The management party branch should organize more similar theme party day activities, take this as an opportunity to strengthen the communication between teachers in all teaching and research departments and teachers in all functional departments, break the barriers to work, and eliminate the inconvenience caused by poor information; Second, improve yourself and keep learning. While doing a good job in daily teaching, teachers also need to do a good job in academic scientific research in combination with their personal conditions, such as actively applying for research projects, participating in academic conferences, promoting study visits, etc., with their majors as the core circle, gradually broaden the research field, improve themselves, and help the college's education and teaching work at the same time. In addition, Secretary Zhou also shared his personal views on the development direction of professional teachers and the education of teachers' children with the party members of the participating branches. He hoped that teachers would give consideration to their work and their families, so as to achieve the success of their careers and the happiness of their families. (Written and photographed by Ding Jike)

School of Economics and Management

November 14, 2022