The students of our school have achieved good results in the first Great Wisdom Cup college student financial elite investment competition

Publisher:dingPublish Time:2022-12-05Viwe:10

With the innovation and application of digital and mobile Internet technology in the financial field, a wider space has been provided for the training and development of financial talents in China. From September to November 2022, the Shanghai Higher Vocational and Technical Education Steering Committee for Economics Major held the first Great Wisdom Cup college student financial elite investment competition in Shanghai. The participants used the designated platform of the competition to compete the investment strategies with A-share investment varieties, and each contestant had an initial simulated capital of 1 million yuan. At the stage of the competition, each player should trade at least once, otherwise the score will be zero.

The first Great Wisdom Cup college student financial elite investment competition was successfully concluded on November 11, 2022. After five weeks of fierce fighting, we finally welcomed the good news of victory.

Congratulations to Wu Yiwei and Xu Xinyi of our school, who stood out from more than 5000 students in the city and became famous in the first battle, and entered the Top 100 list. Among them, Wu Yiwei won the ninth place, won the second prize, and Xu Xinyi won the 99th.

During this period, the school held investment lectures and training for many times, aiming to cultivate students' financial ideas and investment strategies, and laid a solid foundation for realizing wealth freedom.

The depth of thinking determines the profit margin, and the visionary advances steadily. All the students who participated in the competition fought calmly. The competition in this competition was very fierce. During the five week investment decision-making competition, all the contestants rushed forward bravely, made full use of stock knowledge, tried to show their highest level, and became smart and bold investment experts. I believe that after this competition, each student has gained, gained and grown. This is not only an opportunity to exercise yourself, but also a double improvement of skill appreciation and self-worth.

In the current trend of deepening finance, financial investment has become an important driving force to promote economic growth. The Great Wisdom Cup simulated stock speculation contest is a highly famous and valuable financial innovation practice contest specially built for the national college students. It popularizes basic financial knowledge to college students, further strengthens college students' financial practice, combines theoretical teaching with practical operation, familiarizes college students with the market environment, cultivates financial concepts and investment strategies, and lays a solid foundation for students to achieve wealth freedom.

I hope that students can control their own property, their own destiny and their own lives in the future.