Second in the city! The students of our school advanced to the national finals!

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In order to further promote the long-term cooperation mechanism of skill development, joint training of technical talents and people to people and cultural exchanges among BRICS countries, the 2022 the Belt and Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition - Financial Science and Technology Comprehensive Competence Competition, hosted by the Chinese Council of the BRICS Business Council, the the Belt and Road and the BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Training Center and the International Alliance, was successfully carried out, There are 16 undergraduate teams and 4 higher vocational teams in Shanghai. In the end, our students won the second place in the city with 896.7 points, and advanced to the national finals with the first prize of the undergraduate group!

The BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition is an international competition approved by the Preparatory Committee for the 2017 BRICS Summit, filed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, and approved by the BRICS Business Council. Since 2017, it has successfully held five sessions, with a total of more than 130000 people participating in competitions, related meetings, exhibitions, technical exchanges and other activities. It has been presented to the top leaders of the BRICS countries as an outcome design in the Annual Report of the BRICS Business Council for five consecutive years.

With the development of the financial technology industry as the background, this competition designed the content of the competition based on the talent demand of the standard financial technology posts and the ability and knowledge required for core posts. It set up three competition sections, namely, basic knowledge of financial technology, application skills of financial technology, and comprehensive practice of financial technology, to mainly assess the players' mastery of the operational skills required for the operation of the financial technology industry. Through in-depth analysis of industry cases, Improve students' understanding, research and analysis ability of financial technology application.

This year, under the guidance of the Academic Affairs Office and the Youth League Committee of the University, the School of Economics and Management actively organized and planned, with 35 teams participating in the school level selection, and finally two teams entered the municipal competition. Before the competition, the participating teams should make reasonable use of time and platform to learn and discuss in unity and cooperation. During the competition, the students responded calmly and analyzed calmly. This achievement fully demonstrates the financial professional knowledge and scientific and technological literacy of our students.

We will develop quality education in an all-round way by combining the five aspects of education. Our students will actively participate in the BRICS competition, closely combine rich financial theoretical knowledge with specific practice, and constantly improve their skills. As an international event, the BRICS Competition will help promote the cultivation of high-quality international skilled personnel in BRICS countries. At the same time, China, as one of the BRICS countries, has achieved professional skills upgrading through this competition, which also demonstrates the spiritual connotation of the young generation takes the road of becoming talented and serving the country with skills.

Wish the team of our school will continue to make great efforts in the national final!