Special prize+1, municipal prize+16! The students of our school made another success in this competition

Publisher:dingPublish Time:2022-12-05Viwe:11

Recently, the 9th Shanghai Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Competition, sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and hosted by Donghua University, officially ended. A total of 677 teams from 63 domestic universities and 2482 people signed up to participate in the competition. With the attention and support of the Academic Affairs Office and the School of Economics and Management, our school organized a total of 36 teams to participate in the competition. After the fierce municipal preliminary and semi-final, a total of 17 teams successfully entered the final. In the final, the contestants calmly faced the challenge and won 16 municipal awards at one stroke, including 1 grand prize, 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 3 third prizes, which is the best result in the history of our school.

The Entrepreneurial Decision Simulation Contest simulates the module operations of enterprise strategic planning, marketing, material procurement, product research and development, and financial accounting through the online platform, so that each participant can make enterprise decisions in the virtual market and apply business theory to practice. There are 5 cycles in the preliminary, 7 cycles in the second round and 10 cycles in the final of the competition. During the competition, the contestants can be familiar with the entrepreneurial process of modern enterprises, understand the connotation of entrepreneurial construction of modern enterprises, analyze the cyclical economic situation, establish market competition awareness, highlight the concept of production based on sales, improve their ability to grasp opportunities, reveal the impact of material procurement, understand the formation of product costs, and integrate comprehensive budget methods, Grasp the decision-making principles of modern enterprise entrepreneurship and improve the decision-making ability of innovation and entrepreneurship.

From left to right: Zhang Fangle, Wang Shuqi, He Yali, Wang Hao

For the students of the School of Economics and Management, the entrepreneurship simulation decision-making competition is undoubtedly a great opportunity to exercise market thinking. It is not only a process of achieving optimal decision-making through calculation and adjustment of data, but also an opportunity to cultivate the ability of group cooperation and task allocation.

For us, the most important thing for this competition is to have a clear plan and idea, as well as accurate analysis of the market and competitors. Through the experience from the second round of the school competition to the final, with the guidance and help of the college teachers, our team has accumulated knowledge and improved ability in cooperation time after time, and finally won the grand prize!

The Shanghai Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Contest is an important breakthrough in our innovation and entrepreneurship education. In recent years, our college has actively promoted the application construction of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, deeply implemented the ideological policy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, actively built a platform for students, and has successively won good results in many innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, such as the Shanghai Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Contest, the Golden Butterfly Cloud Management Innovation Cup Regional Competition, the Shanghai International Trade Business Elite Challenge, and the Learning and Entrepreneurship Cup National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Contest.