Our students have achieved the best record in the 2022 Shanghai Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Contest in the municipal preliminary contest!

Publisher:dingPublish Time:2022-12-05Viwe:11

On October 18, the preliminary competition of the Shanghai Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Competition, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Donghua University, was successfully completed. There were 677 teams from 63 domestic universities and 2482 players signed up for the competition. Through online simulation of enterprise's strategic planning, product marketing, material procurement, R&D and other operations, the competition provides college students with operational opportunities to experience the business process of enterprises, and further cultivates college students' business thinking.

In order to better prepare for the municipal competition, the School of Economics and Management has held several on campus trainings in the past month and actively organized the selection of the school competition. Finally, a total of 36 teams and 162 students emerged in the school competition and entered the municipal competition. From October 14 to October 18, after five cycles of decision-making, the 36 teams entered the semi-finals with excellent results, which was the best result of our school in the municipal preliminary competition in the past three years!

Competition promotes teaching and learning. Under the new situation of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the College Students Entrepreneurship Decision Simulation Contest can better help college students get familiar with the business process and management of enterprises, increase their knowledge of accounting and management, and also exercise their decision-making ability in planning and practice, so as to effectively manage every step of enterprise development. From the initial training and school competition to the preliminary competition in Shanghai, the students of our school bravely face the challenges of daily calculation and decision-making. In the face of the complex virtual market, we calmly responded, calmly analyzed, and laid a solid foundation for our promotion to the semi-finals with a rigorous and practical attitude.

Wish the 36 teams can continue to work hard, play stably, grasp decision-making and actuarial, and I wish the students a better result in the semi-finals!