Patrol Announcement

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According to the Measures for the Implementation of the CPC Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Commission's Inspection Work (Revised Edition) and the Work Plan for the Fourth Round of the CPC Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Commission's On campus Inspection, the inspection team of the Party committee will enter the School of Economics and Management for inspection from November 1, 2022 to November 21, 2022.3. Construction of grass-roots party organizations and cadres; 4. Correct the four styles problem and the implementation of the eight central regulations; 5. Implementation of Party rules and disciplines; 6. The implementation of the two responsibilities of the Party and the integrity and self-discipline of leading cadres; 7. Other information related to inspection.

During the inspection, the inspection team will listen to opinions extensively and understand the situation in depth by listening to work reports, accepting letters and visits, holding symposiums, individual interviews, consulting materials, visiting and investigating.

During the inspection, if you need to reflect problems, you can call 39225083 from 8:00-16:00 on working days; Or send it to the Inspection Office of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law; Postal code: 201701; Or email to ; Or input the suggestion box in the hall of the School of Economics and Management.

According to the inspection responsibilities, the inspection team mainly accepts the letters and visits that reflect the problems of the leading group of the inspected party organization and its members. It will not accept issues related to personal appeals, laws and lawsuits.

It is hereby announced.

Patrol Team of the Party Committee (deputy seal of the Patrol Office)

November 1, 2022