The 9th Training Class for Activists Joining the Party held by the Party School of the University Party Committee in 2022

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Yu Jiarui, the secretary of the 27th Party Branch of Shangzheng, explained the theme of the second party lesson - looking at the glorious history of the centennial party from the revision of the party constitution. First, he introduced the definition of the party constitution by the general secretary, then watched the centennial party history video, learned about the birth of the party constitution and its revision, interspersed with a question and answer session on the party constitution to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, Then it introduced the guardian of the Party Constitution and the revision process of the Party Constitution in previous dynasties, explained the core of the Party Constitution for students, comprehensively analyzed the relationship between the revision process of the Party Constitution and the development of our Party, and finally described the role and significance of the Party Constitution in each period of the Party's development in combination with the Party's history.

Interactive Q&A Session:

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