The School of Lawwas established in 1986. For more than 30 years, it has always adhered to the goal of comprehensive education, established a talent training mechanism oriented by social needs, and strived to achieve six unifications, namely, the unification of teaching and learning, learning and using, use and need, need and new, new and reality, reality and effectiveness.

It has 3 directions of undergraduate majors(civil and commercial law, people's mediation and training program for excellent legal talents), 4 graduate programs of academic master of law(legal theory, constitution and administrative law, procedure law, civil and commercial law)and 3 graduate programs of practical master of law(government legal affairs, civil and commercial law, intellectual property law).At present, there are 1,945 students studying in the college, including 297 postgraduates and 1648 undergraduates. After years of discipline construction and development, a relatively complete legal discipline training system has been basically constructed from undergraduate to postgraduate.

It has a strong teaching faculty as well as a reasonable staff structure. The current faculty group includes 55 teachers, 27 of whom have senior professional titles, 15 of whom have intermediate professional titles, and 27 of whom are on-the-job PhD students or have doctor's degrees. The  school has 4 teaching and research sections of legal theory and legal history, constitution and administrative law, civil and commercial law and procedure law, and 4 research centers of administrative law, scientific and technological law, legislative law, procedure law and judicial reform. There are one Shanghai Key Discipline (administrative law), one Shanghai Excellent Course (administrative law), two key courses of Shanghai Education Committee (civil law, property law), six university-level key courses (constitutional law, administrative law, administrative licensing law, property law, civil law, commercial law, Chinese legal history). The disciplines of administrative law and civil and commercial law are selected into the construction project of Shanghai Plateau Discipline of Law.