The Chinese Ambassador to Malta cares for SHUPL students

Publisher:系统管理员Release time:2020-05-31visits:17

The epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia has spread rapidly overseas, SHUPL and our international students are working together to fight the epidemic scientifically. Our students who participated in the overseas internship program in Malta were warmly cared for by the Chinese Embassy in Malta, especially by Ambassador Jiang Jiang. In order to cope with the epidemic, the school's working group on epidemic prevention and control of overseas exchange program has formulated a plan for epidemic prevention to guide students to work together to actively respond to the outbreak of the epidemic. During this period, the members of our Maltese overseas internship programme received the fullest care and assistance from the Chinese Embassy in Malta and the Chinese Association. The Embassy assisted international students with visa extensions and distributed masks to help them stay safe and fight the epidemic.