SHUPL Organized an Interview for Internship Oppurtunities at Zaglio Orizio International Law Firm in Italy

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On the afternoon of March 9, 2021, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange organized an interview for the internship program at Zaglio Orizio Law Firm in Italy. Relevant experts jointly interviewed students who got the opportunity by passing the pre-assessment of Sino-Italian Law Clinic course. Students who passed the interview will begin their internship program in a suitable way according to the global epidemic situation.

Zaglio Orizio International Law Firm, headquartered in Brescia, Italy, with an office in Shanghai, provides professional legal assistance and advisory services in investment to Italian and global companies, involving legal services for domestic and foreign investment, customized legal services, technical and digital legal services (e.g., data maintenance, cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data, intellectual property, blockchain, smart contracts and so on in the digital era), etc. Since 2018, SHUPL has built a partnership with Zaglio Orizio International Law Firm, to launch student internship programs hand in hand. (Written & Translated by LIU Ling and Yang Xiaomei)