SHUPL held an online signing ceremony with the One Belt One Road International Development Research Institute of Mongolia

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 On the morning of December 9th, the online signing ceremony between SHUPL and Mongolia One Belt One Road International Development Research Institute was successfully held. Ouyang Meihe, Director of the International Exchange Office (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office, International Students Work Office), and Liu Yasun, Executive Director of the Belt and Road International Development Institute, signed on behalf of both sides respectively.

Mongolia One Belt One Road International Development Institute is an high-end academic research and talent training institution in Mongolia.Through the establishment of cooperative relations, the two sides will start from the fields of undergraduate and graduate joint training, short-term exchange projects and credit mutual recognition, and promote the development of multiple cooperation projects. In the future, we will work together to consolidate the foundation of higher education cooperation between China and Mongolia.(Fan Ruijuan, program writer, photography)


Department of International Cooperation and  Exchange(Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office)


On December 12,2022