Students of the School of Economics and Management have made great achievements in the ETF Elite Selection Competition

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Sponsored by Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shanghai Securities Newspaper, jointly sponsored by Cathay Pacific Fund, Huaxia Fund, Nanfang Fund and E Fund, jointly guided by China Foundation Association and multi local securities regulatory bureaus, and supported by a group of securities companies such as Guojin Securities, the ETF College Elite Selection Competition ended. The event attracted nearly 1300 universities in other regions of the world, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhejiang University, and nearly 8000 students to participate in the event.

After a fierce online knowledge competition, our students broke the barrier, and 10 students went all the way from the preliminary to the final, and participated in the top 100 online finals in China! Finally, 3 students won the top 50 of the National Top 100 and won the honorary title of the third prize. Among the 10 students who entered the final, 6 students entered the scene of the offline final, creating the best result in the competition in the history of our school!

At the promotion level, our school, as the main driving force, took the Securities Investment Society of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law as the main focus of the activity and became the dark horse of the activity, ranking first in the contribution of all college associations. Qu Chengzhi, the president of the Securities Investment Society, was awarded the title of campus ambassador for elite promotion of colleges and universities and was invited to accept an interview with Shanghai Securities News.

Zhang Yongjun, the main person in charge of the activity and the chief editor of the investor of Shanghai Securities News, commented: Shanghai University of Political Science and Law is the most popular dark horse in the second competition. The organization ability of the association is impressive and has become a learning case for the promotion activities of university associations. We made a special tweet introduction. As the organizer of the activity, we congratulate the associations and students of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law on their outstanding performance in the second competition, so that everyone will remember Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. We hope to continue to participate next year and win more awards!

Shuai Mingwei said: In fact, the biggest gain of participating in this competition is that I have more tacit understanding with many like-minded people. Now I am not as confused as when I was a freshman, so I have found my own direction. To be honest, it is unexpected to just compete because I only used a small part of the things I prepared in the previous period. Maybe I have a good attitude and finally successfully completed the competition. Finally, I want to share with you What I like is that all the sweat will turn into cheers and applause.

Wang Li said: Farewell to the autumn light, winter is coming. At this beautiful moment, I am honored to contact and participate in the Second Shanghai Securities Cup ETF Competition. I learned a lot about the financial industry in this business competition, so that I have a deeper understanding and stronger interest in the financial industry. I also met many very excellent students. I hope I can participate in more business competitions in the future study period. At the same time, I hope that more students can participate in In business competitions, enjoy the fun of business competitions.

In this competition, based on the Securities Investment Society of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and the School of Economics and Management of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, our school actively organized students to participate in a series of activities of Shanghai Securities News, implemented the ideological policy of promoting financial knowledge and skills to colleges and universities, and bringing financial practical skills to students, and actively built a platform for our students to communicate and learn with the outside world. The competition is one of the many opportunities for our school to appear in many high-level universities in the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center and even in front of the whole country and the world. The School of Economics and Management and the Securities Investment Society will also continue to forge ahead and go all out in many competitions in the future to add strength to the development of the school!

School of Economics and Management

November 27, 2022