Law School of Artificial Intelligence (Law School of AI) is a secondary law school under the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.  The Law School of AI was established in May 2019, which is a combination of the former Computer Science Department and Shanghai Institute of Justice. The main goal of the Law School of AI is to cultivate composite talents of artificial intelligence and law, provide new legal talents adapted to the era of artificial intelligence for public security bureau, prosecutor, supervision department, people’s court, department of justice, government agency, enterprise or public institution. In addition, the Law School of AI also provides technical talents proficient in legal business for high-tech enterprises of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the Law School of AI is responsible for the education of the computer science course.

At present, there are more than 20 faculty members, 15 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 8 associate professors and 4 lecturers in the Law School of AI. There are 6 teachers with doctor's degree.

Under the correct leadership of the SHUPL, we will strive for success, teach with sincerity, educate students with sincerity, and strive for the SHUPL to create a first-class applied university with distinctive political and legal characteristics!