School of Criminal Justice (School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision)was founded in 1989. In April 2011, with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, the former Department of Criminal Justice was renamed as School of Criminal Justice(hereinafter referred to as SCJ). In 2022, the Shanghai Education Commission approved the establishment of the School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, which is affiliated with the School of Criminal Justice. In 1993,SCJ began to recruit  undergraduates, and in 1998, it began to recruit postgraduate students. Since its establishment, SCJ has always insisted on taking the industry advantages as the support and the social needs as the guidance to cultivate high-quality applied legal talents. On the road of innovation and development with its own characteristics, SCJ has cultivated a large number of outstanding graduates for the society, and it will continue to provide high-quality talents for the society in the future.

Faculty: SCJ has strong and well-structured faculty. There are 31 full-time teachers, of which 60% are with senior titles, 90% have doctoral degrees, and 50% are qualified as doctoral supervisors or master's supervisors. The college has a number of nationally renowned experts. Prof. Yan Li, a tenured professor at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, is a recipient of a special allowance from the State Council. Prof. Peng Wenhua, the dean of SCJ,is a doctoral supervisor of East China University of Political Science and Law, a part-time professor of several research institutions such as the Sentencing Research Center of Southwest University of Political Science and Law. He has been awarded as a prolific author of core legal journals of China Law Innovation Network for several times. Many teachers have served as presidents,vice presidents, directors and members of national and local academic groups, such as the Chinese Association of Criminal Law, Chinese Society of Criminology, Chinese Association for Legal Education, Chinese Society for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, Chinese Prison Association, Shanghai Association of Criminal Law, and Shanghai Association for Anti-Drug Law. Many teachers serve as legal advisers and consulting experts in Party and government departments such as local governments, Political and legal commissions, people's courts, people's procuratorates and public security bureaus.

The construction of Discipline and Major:SCJ has four teaching and research sections: Criminal Law Section, Criminology (Anti-terrorism) Section, Practice Training Center Section, Discipline Inspection and Supervision Section. In recent years, SCJ has made great progress in the construction of disciplines and majors. Criminal law is the key discipline of Shanghai Education Commission and the construction project of undergraduate education highland in Shanghai, as well as one of the key disciplines to cultivate the doctoral degree of law in the university. General Theory of Criminal Law is the key course of Shanghai. The annual Criminal Law Forum held by Shanghai University of Political Science and Law has a wide influence in the country, and has become one of the brands of discipline and major construction of the college. The First National Graduate Thesis Competition on Modernization of Criminal Rule of Law, held in 2022 and 2023, has generated a huge response in the criminal law field across the country, and has become another brand of discipline and major construction of the college. The faculty of criminology is also well-organized, and the research achievements are outstanding in drug crime, juvenile crime and cyber underground industrial activities Every year, high-quality research achievements are published in SSCI, CSSCI and other domestic and overseas journals. As a characteristic discipline and major, experimental training plays an important role in the empirical analysis and research of criminal psychology, and has become an important support for the construction of new liberal arts. The newly established discipline of discipline inspection and supervision will adhere to the goals and purposes of planning from a high starting point, building with high standards and promoting with high quality, aiming to build the School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision into a highland for theoretical and practical research, a base for training outstanding talents and a high-end platform for decision-making and consultation.

Teaching and Research:In recent years, SCJ has made outstanding achievements in teaching and research. General Theory of Criminal Law was approved as the first-class undergraduate course in Shanghai's colleges and universities,American Criminal Justice System was awarded the honorary title of English Model Course for International Students in Shanghai, and Juvenile Delinquency and Justice and other courses were approved as key undergraduate courses at the university level. Faculty members of the school have published more than 600 papers in various journals, among which more than 100 papers have been published in authoritative legal journals such as Chinese Law and Legal Research as well as other core journals. It has undertaken nearly 40 projects of national Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, provincial and ministerial projects and other major topics, published more than 100 monographs, and won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards. In addition, SCJ has signed agreements with more than 20 political and legal institutions on the construction of teaching, research and practice bases, and sent several teachers to take temporary posts in the practical departments.

Talent Cultivation: SCJ has more than 700 undergraduates and 150 graduates.Adhering to the spirit of the motto of Mind the world, distinguished ,SCJ pays close attention to the construction of study atmosphere and quality cultivation. The overall academic atmosphere of the school is good, with the postgraduate entrance examination rate and the entrance examination rate rising year by year, and the passing rate of the law examination reaching a new high repeatedly.While consolidating students' basic knowledge of law, we pay special attention to the practical training skills of students. The results are remarkable and are well received by employers. In recent years, our students have participated in national, provincial and ministerial competitions and won more than ten awards. In 2019, it won the champion of the Riying Cup seventh National College Students Moot Court Competition sponsored by the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education of the Ministry of Education. In 2021 and 2022, it won the second prize of the ICC Trial Competition (English Competition) for two consecutive years. The college actively implements the function of serving the society. Relying on professional associations, it actively carries out voluntary services, and actively participates in ideological and moral education for minors and the construction of community civilization. The Anti-drug Volunteer Association has won many municipal awards and been reported by the media. In 2018, it won the silver award of the Fourth China Youth Volunteer Service. In 2019, it was awarded the Shanghai May Fourth Youth Medal (collective), and in 2021, it was awarded the Annual Top Ten Campus Public Welfare of Shanghai. The school's anti-drug volunteers are the only three representatives in the country to participate in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) forum. In 2021, the 18th student Party branch of the college won the third batch of national Party building work model branch. Many students won the May 4th Youth Medal, Shanghai College Student Party Member Model and other honorary titles, setting up a number of advanced models.

International Exchange and Cooperation: SCJ actively carries out international exchanges and is committed to the training of foreign-related legal talents. It has established friendly cooperative relations with many universities in Hong Kong, Macao and abroad, and constantly explores new modes of international cooperative education. With the support of the university, the college has cooperated with the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom to hold the 3+1 master's program, and with Washington University in St. Louis in the United States to hold the 2+1 dual master's program. In 2017, the college established the Summer Study Exchange Program of Hungary Szeged University, which has organized nearly 100 students to study abroad. In the spring semester of 2022 and 2023, SCJ launched an online study program with University of Szeged. Many of our faculty have the experiences of visiting universities abroad, and two professors have been invited by Macau University of Science and Technology to give lectures on a regular basis.